Early Health and Medicine

Monson, Massachusetts


Of the early physicians, Dr. Ede Whittaker came from Stafford in 1790, and engaged in practice until about 1840. He first lived and practiced in the house just north of the store of Gage Brothers. He then erected the house where Rev. Charles Hammond lived prior to his death, and resided there for a long time. It was afterward remodeled by Mr. Hammond.

Dr. Joseph Grout practiced in the east part of the town about 1785; also a Dr. Anderson about the same time.

Dr. Ephraim Allen was a contemporary of Dr. Whittaker, and perhaps preceded him in point of time a few years. His residence was on the road above the meeting-house, leading to the Flynt quarry.

Dr. Oliver McKinstry came from Ellington, Conn., about 1820, and practiced until his death, in 1845. About the same time Dr. Reuben Gardner, a son of Richard Gardner, and a native of the town, engaged in practice. He and Dr. McKinstry engaged in business transactions together to some extent. Dr. Gardner subsequently removed from town, and died in the State of Ohio about the same time that Dr. McKinstry died at Monson.

In. 1817, Dr. Ware practiced for a short time. Dr. Cullen Carter was in practice in 1837.

In 1838 a Dr. Haywood came from Vermont, and remained two or three years in practice at Monson. Dr. Isaac Carpenter also came from Vermont about 1836, and practiced until his death, in 1839. Soon after came Dr. Alvin Smith, who is still in practice. His son, Homer A., is associated with him.

Dr. George E. Fuller practiced in Brimfield for two years, but located in Munson in the year 1868. He has continued in successful practice ever since.

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