Taverns and Drinking in Early America

Monson, Massachusetts


The earliest tavern that existed in Monson was that of Richard Fellows, to which reference has already been made. The next one was kept by Richard Bishop, at least as early as 1762, in a gambrel-roofed house, which stood near where the barn of Cyrus W. Holmes now is. It was probably one of the earliest buildings in the town, and was taken down in 1820. The first district-meeting of Monson was held there. In 1775, Joseph Merrick kept a tavern on the Toby place, half a mile northeast of the centre. William Norcross built a tavern where Green's hotel now is, in 1796. He kept it until 1803 or 1804, when it was kept for upward of forty years by his son Amos. Its more recent history is elsewhere alluded to. Jesse Stebbins kept a tavern in the north part of the town early in the present century.

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